I just came back from the most fantastic party… I mean training, ever! Around 4,000 Pure Romance consultants and their guests took over the city of Cincinnati for World Conference and enjoyed free food, entertainment from Las Vegas, gifts and recognition, expert training classes, and the new product launch! Now we get to bring what we learned and saw to our customers – my favorite part!

Check out a video for one of the new products here:

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Stop talking about it and thinking about it… it’s time to go for it!

>> read more about the perks of being a Pure Romance Consultant here <<

I swear… I think my favorite part about being a Pure Romance consultant is FUN… best job, ever! I was watching this video of some of the girls who won a trip to Puerto Rico and smiling the entire time, such a sisterhood and always so many laughs when you get a group of Pure Romance consultants together in a room! Lots of inside jokes, too ;) haha

I love spring and summertime Pure Romance parties – lots of brides to spoil, lots of themed parties or parties outdoors by the pool… ah, it’s amazing. Plus, I tend to slow down a little bit in the warmer months so I can enjoy family time and “vacation” whenever I want. I’m spoiled a little bit, y’all. It has been hard to slow down this month because lots of girls want FREE goodies – especially Coochy and Body Dew, those are always my biggest hits of the season!

I’m super excited that I get to do my first training tomorrow in Cincinnati! Looking forward to teaching these awesome consultants and seeing a lot of my own team there getting their learn on ;) FREE TRAINING? Yes, please! Yet another perk of Pure Romance… they do these trainings all over the country!

It’s that time of year where you want to start going camping again! Will you take your Pure Romance with you?


Know what sounds even more fun? Let’s do a camp-themed Pure Romance party! Microwave s’mores, sleeping bags on the floor, and lots of product to see, touch, and taste! Contact me today to set up yours!

More good news! I recently promoted to the highest level in the company, National Director! Wow…

I’m a little in disbelief, and a lot excited! In under 2 years I was able to hit this amazing milestone thanks in large part to my incredible team, and now my focus has really shifted to them and how I can help them reach their goals and ensure they make the kind of money they want and need. Paying it forward is really what it’s all about at this point.




I really want to expand our team even further into other states. We’re in several already right now, but I’d love to see that become even bigger!

Are you going to let me pay this opportunity forward to you? Go to my official Pure Romance website to see the current kit prices, along with what comes in each of them!

So pleased to announce a new phase of my business…


I get to be a Corporate Trainer!!!!

I’m over-the-moon!!!! I received my schedule for June and I’ll be going to Columbus, Cinci, Baltimore, and Dallas and I am so excited and nervous and in disbelief and… did I say excited, yet?

I have really found such a joy in sharing Pure Romance with other people, and not just women on my team but other women in the company as well, and I think this will satiate that craving to help others.

My heart is SO full! I haven’t stopped celebrating since I found out.

Can’t wait to take you on this new journey with me!

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