I love when our company does an exciting kit sale, and April 1st isn’t going to disappoint. Message me to find out how you can join my team and get personal training from me!

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Wow! I’m sitting at over $25,000 in sales since January 1st of this year! WHAT?! I cannot believe this is real. This is my business, my life. It has been less than 2 years since I signed up as a Pure Romance consultant and I continue to see so much growth in my business, both personally and on my team. My team is sitting at almost $172,000 in sales since January 1st, 2014… oh, hello!


Sometimes I get asked why join Pure Romance and not another similar party plan? Here’s what stands out to me about Pure Romance:

1) They allow even entry-level consultants to win vacations. The top performers at each level automatically earn trips each quarter and others are entered to win prizes based on relatively easy to achieve criteria.

2) Their corporate staff is supportive, knowledgable, and they care about their jobs and YOU. They are responsive, fun, energized, and caring.

3) Our packaging is top notch. It’s always ahead of the game in terms of trending. The colors and packaging keep us fresh!

4) Our marketing budget allows us to place commercials on TV and radio. See some of our Pure Romance commercials. This means BRAND RECOGNITION and normalization of our product for your potential customers.

5) Free training. SO much free training. As soon as you sign up, you have access to the Consultant Online Office which is full of helpful videos, product information sheets, and everything you need to be successful in your business. As your sponsor, I also provide a TON of training – online webinars, monthly team meetings, and more.

6) Marketing and advertising is classy, sophisticated, and current. What we put out there about our company is so carefully planned and executed that you’ll be PROUD vs. EMBARRASSED to represent Pure Romance.

7) Compensation. You can start as high as 50% profit level, based on what kit you buy. You’ll also earn commission on your downline as soon as you recruit even one. PLUS you earn FREE PRODUCT every month based on your sales & recruiting… mine averages around $500+ per month to spend on whatever I want for myself, my customers, my hostesses, my team, you get the picture!

8) Dedication to the empowerment of women through the Patty Brisben foundation, which has raised over $2 million for research since it’s inception.

9) This doesn’t mention the PERSONAL notes of appreciation, support, and encouragement I’ve received during my journey. Pure Romance rewards you for your hard work and recognizes it! LOVE my company!


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With our yummy Whipped and 15 NEW products that launched today, you’re sure to be the luckiest girl around when you hostess your Pure Romance party! Contact me today to set yours up and get free product, have some laughs with your friends, and see the latest in relationship enhancement products!


So ready for you to join me!