When my husband and I met, I loved that he was “like me”, or as my friend Maria says, “We shared the same love language.” What love language is that? The one where we sit around on our computers, one of our favorite TV shows on, the kids snoozing & warm in bed, and we get our online nerdin’ on, of course! For him? It’s Slickdeals or coding in Visual Basic or whatever in the world he codes in these days. For me? It’s Amazon, Mom Blogs, and the awesome consultants on Facebook. We’re a perfect fit because we both like being lazy when we’re tired and have worked all day. Some people? Get up & go. Us? Sit down and stop.

This girl has the right idea!

When I saw an idea on one of those groups about an online pajama party, I had to do it! So this coming Monday, my VIP Group on Facebook will be having our first live pajama party! Sit on your couch in your pajamas, log-in, chat and ask questions, play games, and win prizes. Simple. Fun. Sexy. Nerdy. The perfect combination of things!

Pajamas and heels? Crazy girls. And where are the ponytails???

You must be a VIP member to attend this event, you don’t want to miss it! The prizes are fun, the company will be great, and your couch will be waiting.

Monday, November 18th

8:30pm *EST*

VIP Lounge

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