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“I don’t need any of this stuff…”

“I haven’t had sex in months.”

“My partner doesn’t even take me out to dinner any more.”

These are all very real examples of the types of complaints I encounter at my Pure Romance parties, and they’re heart-breaking. Don’t think I can’t relate! I’m not immune to the stress of small children, busy schedules, and comfort level that both seasons and threatens marriage as it grows. When women tell me this, I know that they’re typically hurting, or maybe they’ve had a broken heart so long they’ve used apathy to dull the ache.

They need to be reassured that there is still hope, but initiating sex might feel too intimate and risky for them if they’ve drifted far. So how do you reconnect with a partner?

Massage. Touch each other without any intentions of it going further.

So simple, right? You might even be rolling your eyes a little.

But it can’t be just any kind of massage! The three or four foot squeezies they give you during a commercial break don’t count. The tracing the alphabet on your partner’s back before you fall asleep won’t cut it, either.

So what do you need to do first? Communicate about what’s going to happen. “Can we touch each other tonight for 30 minutes?” Too bold for you? Use a card game so it does the hard part for you by making fun, flirty suggestions to get things moving.


Date Night 2 – Sexy, creative suggestions in a playful cardgame that encourages exciting foreplay and more $24

Next up is setting the mood. Don’t do it on the couch in front of the TV, or in your bedroom with the lights on & a mess in the floor. Take some time to set the tone of the evening. Use a lightly scented candle, some linen spray, and maybe your partner’s favorite music.


Burning Desire – a deliciously scented candle that doubles as a heated massage oil when you’re ready $24

Now it’s time for some action! Start with the top of the head and massage their scalp while their head is in your lap, don’t forget to squeeze the earlobes gently as you move down to the shoulders! Flip them over and grab a smooth massage oil and heated massager and begin rubbing their shoulders and back. The heat will relieve pain while the oil ensures that the massage is gentle and fluid. Work your way all the way down to their toes, making sure to use enough oil for it to be comfortable!

Aura - a sensually sexy oil perfect for massage in a variety of scents. $16

Aura – a sensually sexy oil perfect for massage in a variety of scents. $16

“My turn!” Now it’s your turn to enjoy the massage. Because you’ve modeled patience, care, and tender touch for your partner, they’re more likely to return the favor thoughtfully.


Heart Throb – Two reusable heated massagers with removable vibrating bullets for extra stimulation! $59

Massaging each other for 30 minutes once a week can do amazing things for your relationship & your body. It can help you reconnect, make you laugh, arouse you unexpectedly, and maybe even lead to a steamy bedroom session, but the bottom line is: you need that interaction to stay healthy in a relationship, and if you’re not taking the time for it, you’re going to suffer the consequences.

Enjoy each other. Act out your passion. Don’t waste another second!

xx -Kalen


I have been reading Welcome to My Brain for a while and was excited when I saw her announce a challenge she calls Sexuary where she encourages readers to enrich their intimate lives. Here’s a basic breakdown of Sexuary:

This February, we invite everyone to join us. There is no one way to do it. It’s about setting goals in the best way for you. Making sex better for YOU – whatever that means. More sex. Different sex. New toys. No toys. Faster. Slower. Upside down. Whatevs.

Read more here

I love that I can support this as a Pure Romance Consultant, and am offering a FREE COUPLE’S BASKET to anyone committed to try Sexuary this February!

Here’s how to win:

1) Go to my Facebook page and click “LIKE”

2) Post on my wall or message me and say, “I’m here for Sexuary!”

3) Your name will be entered to win a Couple’s Package valued at $69!


-One Couple’s Bedroom Accessory $30 value

-One mini Whipped creamy lubricant $8 value

-One book: The Complete Guide to Sexual Positioning $19 value

-One 12 oz. Come Clean toy cleaner $12 value

3)  I will draw the winner’s name on February 1st at 8:00am *est* The winner will be notified by Facebook and you will receive your couple’s package in 7-10 business days from the time I receive your shipping address.

Open to U.S. and Canadian residents. Must be 18 years or older. One entry per person, no duplicate entries (i.e. from your fan pages, etc) will be accepted. You must mention, “I’m here for Sexuary” on my Facebook wall or in my Facebook messages to be entered.


Have fun and think of some unique challenges and goals for you and your partner this coming Sexuary! Add some variety into your routine, open communication up, try some games or new positions, and love each other intimately. Ask me for more information on how to spice things up!

Now this is an interesting video!

I have some great things that can help with this! Start small with a flavored lotion or lubricant (Whipped or Sensations are customer favorites). Role play and be creative, add some novelty to the relationship! Book a party and I’ll show you how.

Becoming a Pure Romance Consultant has influenced my life in a lot of areas already, one of them being my own relationship with my husband. As our 4 year anniversary approaches on Thursday, I am reminded that adding a little bit of spice to our usual routine can really create a long-lasting effect in our relationship. It’s so strange how when you work on one area of your marriage, other areas benefit as well. Suddenly you catch your spouse doing the dishes for you without asking, or you see them make an effort to kiss you more before they leave for work.

I’m so thankful I decided to get involved with Pure Romance. I’m so thankful that I’ve started refocusing my energy and allotting more of it for B, because he deserves that (and so do I). I feel like I’m re-discovering part of my identity that may have been placed on the back-burner when I became a mom. I’d love to help you find that part of yourself again, too! I’m eager to share tips and tricks.

August is Romance Awareness Month as I mentioned before, and since I’ve started on this journey with Pure Romance, I’ve become more aware of areas in my romantic relationship that need improvement. I’m actually working on those areas now instead of making excuses. And it has been awesome.

Us at our wedding reception, August 2008

August is Romance Awareness Month and that means some good excuses to find time to pamper yourself and your partner. Read a cheesy romance novel, watch The Notebook a few times in a row, and evaluate your happiness with your current romantic situation. Here are some fun statistics taken from a survey & published in Glamour:

-78% of people consider romance to be very important (um, yes?)

-Anniversaries are considered the most romantic of holidays

-2% of people think taking out the garbage is a romantic gesture (yikes)

-59% of couples are satisfied with the amount of romance in their lives

I feel like there are definitely ups & downs. August is a good reason to try and make this current season in our life an UP time, don’t ya think? No reason to wait until February 14th! And it just so happens my four year marriage anniversary is in August, so I’m looking forward to LOTS of romance! Follow me through this month and I’ll give you lots of ideas to follow suit.

Kissing my guy in downtown Lexington